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The National Institute of Design (NID) is internationally acclaimed as one of the foremost multi-disciplinary institutions in the field of design education and research. Government of India set up the National Institute of Design in 1961 as an autonomous national institution for research, service and training in Industrial Design and Visual Communication. On 18th July 2014. A new government bill authorised NID to deliver bachelor and master degrees and offer PhD in Design. Animation Film Design is one of the most powerful and vibrant communication design departments nurturing the generations of animation designers since 1985. NID Animation Film Design encourages students to design c! reative solutions for problems through communication design and moving images. Animation is a powerful medium of communication and expression. The course at NID builds students’ conceptual thinking, with a strong emphasis on the development of stories. There are inputs on Freehand and Design Drawing, Science and Liberal Arts, Visualization and Pre-Production Techniques, Experimental Animation and Understanding Narratives. There are numerous visiting faculty from abroad, and in later semesters there is workshop mode of learning with training in many different mediums such as traditional hand drawn animation, 2D, clay, sand, oil on glass, stop motion, and pixilation. Students get a chance to create their own graphic novels and illustrated books as part of the course. The discipline also hosts a Biennale International Student Animation Film Festival named Chitrakatha (http://nid.edu/chitrakatha/) artistically directed by Sekhar Mukherjee, Senior Faculty, Animation Film Design.



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